Saturday, 20 October 2012

How much is my face worth?

I have seen a number of people blogging about how much their face's are worth. I thought it would be interesting to see how much my routine would cost so I thought I'd create this little post. I did not realise how much it was going to come to!  Here's my current routine.

Shaving (not pictured) - The Organic Pharmacy Shaving Cream £23.95
Cleanser Day & Night (not pictured) - Vaishaly Facial Wash £45
Cleansing Tool (not pictured) Sisley Paris Gentle Brush £23.50
Toner - The Organic Pharmacy Herbal Toner £28.96

Day Serum - Omorovicza - Gold Flash Firming Serum £135
Day Cream - Vaishaly Anti Ageing Day Moisturiser (dry/sensitive) SPF15 £55
Foundation - Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation - £41

Night Serum - Vaishaly Night Nourisher £75
Night Cream - Vaishaly Night Cream £65

Neck product - Tata Harper Revitalising Body Oil £72

Mask (not pictured) - Live Native Botanical Earth Mask £27.75
Mask (not pictured) - The Organic Pharmacy Honey & Jasmine Mask £35.95

Lip Balm Day (not pictured) - Hurraw Balm SPF15 - £4
Lip Balm Night (not pictured) - Natural Wisdom Acai Berry Balm £12

Grand total -  £746.11

Hmmmm not bad! I am a huge fan of anti ageing products, most of the products in my routine are anti ageing. How much is your face worth?


  1. Great post Danny! You have some pretty expensive taste. Your routine is definitely more expensive than mine!

    1. Thanks Andy. I did get this idea from you! :P I know lets hope all these anti ageing products actually work and one day pay off! X x

  2. So many nice products!

    I'd better not think about the money!! but i can say i have simplifyed (a bit) my routine lately!

    (I think i have the same drawers+mirrors, but in dark brown!)

    1. Thank you Clara

      What is your routine?

      Oh are they from Ikea? I love my dressing table! X x

    2. hi!

      so sorry for my late feedback!!

      that's right, it is from Ikea!! love it, too!

      lately i have been using:
      - raw coconut oil as cleanser (my staple - best cleanser for me!)
      - Natural Wisdom Rosehip&Pomegranate moisturizer
      - RMS Beauty lip and skin balm as eye cream and lip balm

      However, this routine has become too light for me, as the cold has arrived!

      I am now in a "transitional" time...have ordered a lot of samples of different facial oils and products to see which one would be more suitable, and am now trying them out.
      So far, I am absolutely loving the samples I got from Live Native (Frangipani moisturizer and the Essential Gold Eye balm) - they are amazing!!! Will probably get the full sizes!

  3. Lovely products and a lovely dresser! I must get round to trying the Rahua spray

  4. You have some fab products here and some of my favourites too, I especially like the dresser and the wallpaper :)

  5. What a lovely dresser! I wish I had a dresser like yours :) I love pai and rahua too!

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  6. Oh,I'm interested in your vapour foundation.How is the coverage?is it like tinted moisturizer or can cover skin imperfections? Thanks:)

    1. Hello Lovely CosMe

      The Vapour Foundation is quite oily as it's oil based. The performance of it greatly depends on the base you apply it to. I would not use an oil based product underneath it otherwise your skin will have a greasy appearance. Coverage is light to medium.

      If you are looking for a non greasy natural foundation I recommend Organic Glam anti oxidant foundation from The Organic Pharmacy

      X x

  7. does this count as what i use or what i have? bc then it would take ages - am such a junkie!

    1. This was just a post to show what I was currently using and then work out the cost of the total routine x


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