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Live Native Botanical Earth Mask

Background info

I'm really excited to review one of my all time favourite treatment masks. I love masks, I've been using them since I started using skincare, since the age of 16. In my late teens and early twenties I was obsessed with purifying masks so I wouldn't get spots and to keep my pores small. Now in my late twenties I like to use hydrating and anti ageing masks to help keep those pesky wrinkles at bay. The great thing about this mask is that it can do both and depending on the desired result you can achieve purified or hydrated and nourished skin with just this one product. It's about the mixing process of the mask (see application and texture section for details).

For best details use the mask at least one a week. If you are not used to masks and choose the purifying method of the mask you may find that your skin may break out. Don't worry, this is completely normal and the mask is doing a great job of removing the imbedded impurities from deep within your skin - better out than in I say. Once your skin has been detoxed it will go back to normal and start looking gorgeous and radiant. 

Product description

A deeply cleansing face mask combining powerful antioxidant rich acai, cacao and nourishing spirulina with energetically rejuvenating 23K gold leaf.

Designed to nourish, repair and restore balance, Botanic Earth Mud Mask soothes and cleanses by immersing your skin in a potent blend of pure and clean life-loving ingredients. Spirulina, acai and acerola cherry combine to restore healthy skin tone via a synergy of nature-intact minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and active enzymes that smooth, tighten, refresh and revitalise tired, stressed and aging skin. Using only the finest available raw chocolate, vanilla and sun-dried rhassoul clay, along with a sprinkling of 23K gold to correct and strengthen dermal integrity,

Botanic Earth Mud Mask truly is the ultimate facial treat. Beneficial for all skin types including acne prone and sensitive.

This powdered mask comes in dark Miron glass jar packaging to help protect to protect the precious actives from light exposure.

Application and texture

This is a powdered mask that you have to mix up yourself. The ingredients become active and spring back to life once you add water to it.
Live Native's directions for use are:
Mix one teaspoon (approx 3g) of Botanic Earth Mud Mask with one teaspoon of warm water to a smooth paste. Apply evenly to face avoiding eye area. Keep moist during treatment with Live Native’s Essential Mist Toner (spritzer), alternatively place a warm damp cloth over mask. Remove after 10 minutes by gently patting off the mask with warm water avoid scrubbing. Tone and moisturize with Live Native living SkinFoods to complete. For best (glowing) results…do treat yourself once a week! 

I do however like to use this mask in a few ways. One as above per instructions but let the mask dry out and tighten. This has the most purifying effect, Rhassoul clay is so absorbent, I find letting it dry out completely draws out all the impurities in my skin. I usually leave it on for 20 mins. Just don't let your face crack or let anyone make you laugh! Well you can but I wouldn't advise it.
Secondly, for a nourishing and anti ageing effect, take a teaspoon of the mask and add to one teaspoon of organic goats yogurt and one teaspoon of honey and mix until throughly mixed. Apply all over face and neck (avoid eye area and lips) and leave for 20 to 30 mins. This has a hydrating effect, be-careful you don't lick your face because it's delicious! Those with dry and mature skins may find this particularly enjoyable.

Mixing this mask may take a few attempts to master but I can assure you it is well worth the effort.

Ingredients list

Montmorillonite (rhassoul) clay*, Theobroma cacao (raw chocolate) powder*, Euterpe oleracea (acai fruit) pulp*, Spirulina platensis*, Dimethyl sulphone (MSM from pine trees), Malpighia glabra (acerola fruit) pulp*, Vanilla planifolia (vanilla fruit) extract*, Citric acid*, 23K edible gold flakes (CI 77480).
* organic

97.5% organic

Shelf Life

6 months once opened

Results and review

This beautiful and exquisite mask is absolute pure luxury. It does everything that I want and the great thing about it is that its also versatile (see Application & Texture for Purifying version or Hydrating and anti ageing version types).
It contains raw cacao also known as raw chocolate, OK apart from delicious what's so special about Cacao? Just to put it in perspective for you, raw Cacao has one of the highest amounts of anti oxidants known to man.  The USDA developed a scale called ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). It's a high-tech way of measuring the ability of antioxidants destructive free radicals. Raw chocolate has 955 ORAC units per gram (see detoxyourworld).
This mask also contains Acai berries which is also is one of the most powerful sources of anti oxidants. What's so special about anti oxidants for the skin? It's a well known fact that anti oxidants help to fight wrinkles. Anti oxidants do a great job of reducing environmental damage from the sun and airborne free radicals in the air and pollution. Free radical damage can cause wrinkles by damaging vital collagen and causes the skins functions to function incorrectly resulting in premature ageing. Whether consumed orally or applied topically anti oxidants helps to neutralise free radicals and thus prevent further damage from occurring.
Edible 23K Gold also provides an anti oxidant boost, and has negative ions which corrects and revitalises the skins micro electric currents and carries other nutrients to deep dermal layers. Gold is also a powerful anti inflammatory.
Vicky and Ian the founders and creators of Live Native like to think of their skin care range as food for the skin. That's exactly what this mask does, it's like an intensive anti oxidant shot for the skin.
After application of this mask my skin is left beautiful and radiant. It comes no surprise because this has the best ingredients I've ever seen in a mask.

For the ultimate beauty mask then look no further than this beauty! And please remember all my readers can get 10% off all Live Native products see top left for details!


£42.60 for 100ml
£27.75 for 30ml

-100% Natural
-97.5% Organic
-Ingredients are raw and intact
-Contains ingredients that provide an extremely high amount of anti oxidants.



  1. Hi Danny!

    Can you believe i still have to try the sample of this mask??!! I've had it for weeks, but lately am rarely at home!!

    Nice review, I think the yogurt/honey way will be more suitable for my skin tone!

  2. My eyes have been all over this brand!! Looks amazing. I'm planning to try out their toner and their ex foliating cleanser once my Clean Dirt has ran out!

    Have you tried May Lindstrom's Problem Solver? It contains raw cacao too and other healing & warming spices.. feels like putting a spicy hot chocolate on my face. You might love it!


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