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Natural Wisdom Rosehip & Pomegranate Antioxidant Cream Cleanser

Brand background info

Natural Wisdom is a brand I've discovered from Twitter. Created by Maeve Smith a Homeopath with a love of organic agriculture, ecology, herbal medicine and nutrition. I love Natural Wisdom's philosophy as they use raw organic ingredients, they don't use cheap superfluous ingredients, they don't use alcohol and they are handmade! Raw organic ingredients are definitely the best type of ingredients to use in skincare, because the ingredients haven't been cooked to death and therefore remain active on the skin.

Product description

Made with 74.57% organic ingredients. Miron violet glass bottle with a pump dispenser.

Action: pH 5.5-6. We only use natural plant derived cleansers that cleanse deeply without damaging the skins acid mantle.

Super hero ingredients:

Double strength Aloe vera gel is wonderfully gentle. Aloe vera softens and nourishes your skin with it's complex of vitamins and nutrients.

Comfrey extract, naturally rich in softening Allantoin helps protect and nourish your skin.

Vitamin C antioxidant helps protect your skin and promotes a more even complexion by healing and discouraging blemishes.

Raw organic seed oils of Rosehip,Raspberry & Pomegranate rich in nourishing omega's 3,5, 6, 7 & 9 help to protect, restore and moisturise skin that is prone to dryness encouraging a soft hydrated complexion.

Organic raw Shea nut butter is very deeply moisturising and enriching. encouraging a soft hydrated complexion.

Our organic supercritical herbal extracts:

Rosemary antioxidant
, rich in detaphenols many times more powerful than Vitamin E

Calendula & Chamomile, both known to be very soothing and calming with anti inflammatory with natural healing antibacterial properties help protect your skin.

Carrot & Amaranthus naturally abundant in skin softening Squalene also provide Vitamin E and Vitamin A antioxidants, essential fatty acids and phytosterols to nourish your skin.

Special Affinity: Sensitive and Reactive skin. Dry skin. Sun damaged skin and great for anti-ageing.

★FREE from Sodium lauryl sulphates & all associated SLS chemicals, artificial feel enhancers, Parabens, synthetic processing ingredients, fillers & nonsense ingredients. Alcohol, gluten & animal free. Made from 100% natural wisdom.



Natural Wisdom products come in Miron violet glass bottle with a pump dispenser. I've noticed many skin care companies are using Miron glass to house their products in. Miron glass is dark in colour to protect light sensitive ingredients. Many antioxidants are sensitive to sun light so the glass helps to protect the ingredients so they do not break down and therefore remain active.

Application and texture

The Natural Wisdom cleanser is a beautiful cream like milky cleanser. It is available in several scented versions. I have only tried it in its unscented version. It makes my cleansing ritual an absolute pleasure!

I use the cleanser in the same way I use all cleansing creams and milks:

I apply to dry skin, massage the product onto my face, around the eye area and neck, then wet my finger tips and let the water emulsify the cleanser so a massage can be performed. I let the product interact with daily dirt and simply remove with a warm damp wet muslin cloth or shower off if in the shower.

Ingredients list

*Rose flower water, **Sodium cocoamphoacetate, **Glycerine, **Lauryl glutamate **Sodium laural glucose carboxylate, *Shea nut butter, *Sweet almond kernel oil, *Orange flower water, Sucrose laurate, **Coco glucoside, **Glyceryl oleate, *Comfrey root extract, Xanthum gum, Sodium ascorbyl phosphate, *Rose hip seed extract,*Raspberry seed extract, *Pomegranate seed extract *Aloe vera leaf powder, tocopherol acetate, *Rosemary leaf extract, *Calendula flower extract *Chamomilla flower extract, *Seabuckthorn berry extract *Carrot root extract *Amaranth seed extract, Lactic acid, *Jojoba) seed oil, benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid. *certified organic ingredient, **ecocert ingredient.

-100% Natural ingredients
-74.57% organic ingredients

Results and review

As you probably know by now, I'm a huge fan of cleansing creams and milks and this is a definitely a very good choice for you if cleansing creams/milks are your thing. I cannot believe it's actually raw! I have never come across a raw cleansing milk before so it was great when I discovered Natural Wisdom earlier in 2012.

I have been informed by the companies creator that this cleanser actually contains high levels of Vitamin C which stays on the skin and continues to be released for 72 hours after application! I have never heard of a cleanser that does this and it certainly sounds impressive!

The cleanser leaves my skin feeling super soft, hydrated, nourished and most importantly clean! You can see the colour of it's high antioxidant oils. It is also PH balanced which is something many people don't usually think about when buying or using a cleanser. This cleanser never leaves the skin feeling stripped. This is definitely a product I will purchasing again in the future, I look forward to trying out some of the fragranced versions. I think all skin types will benefit from this cleanser.

Many bloggers and friends I've spoken to absolutely adore this cleanser and Natural Wisdom. Andy from Pampered Prince a good friend of mine is a fan. You can read his review of this cleanser and the brands toner here

If you are looking for a gentle but yet powerful 100% natural cleanser then this cleanser just might be for you. It's now available in several different fragrance varieties to suit your mood and tastes. This cleanser is small in size due to the concentration of the ingredients, only a small amount of the cleanser is required. It's quite strange to find a cleanser with such high quality antioxidants and anti ageing ingredients. 

Like many others I absolutely adore Natural Wisdom products. I love that is a British brand, uses raw ingredients, the products are 100% natural and contain high concentrations of organic and anti ageing ingredients. Maeve (the brands creator) has worked so hard to give you the very best. If you are looking for anti ageing products then definitely check out Natural Wisdom. I have reviewed their Age Defiance Facial Firming Moisturiser which you can read here.

Have you tried Natural Wisdom yet?


£14 for 50ml


-Organically certified
-Alcohol free
-High Vitamin C content
-PH balanced
-High level of concentrated antioxidants
-Anti ageing
-Available unscented and in several fragrances
-Suitable for all skin types





  1. Great post Danny and thank you very much for the mention. I plan on trying more of the Natural Wisdom range in the new year :)

    1. Thanks Andy!

      I'm planning on buying some more Natural Wisdom products in the new year also!

      X x x

  2. This sounds fab! I am a huge fan of Rose & Pomegranate Antioxidant Hydrating Toner. x

    1. p.s. your review has made me buy the cleanser x

    2. Hi Sandra!

      Oh goodie! I hope you love the Cleanser! I'm sure you will though. Let me know how you get on with it.

      X x x

  3. This sounds so lovely! Really great review I like to see ingredients lists before I buy. x


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