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Sisley Paris Skinleÿa The Anti-Aging Foundation

Sisley Paris Skinleÿa The Anti-Aging Foundation video

Background info

I love Sisley products. They feel so luxurious and because of this it makes me feel very special when I use them. Before I discovered organic products Sisley was what I was using. I used to use Sisley's Buff and Wash, Tropical Resins Mask, All Day All Year and the brand's cult classic Sisleÿa Global Anti-Ageing Cream. Sisley is not usually a brand that I feature on my blog or use on my face but this anti ageing foundation is that spectacular that I just had to use it. Although Sisley is not a natural brand it's still a brand that I love. The thing I love about this foundation is that it contains many of the anti ageing ingredients that is used in the brand's skincare. It is a two in one product that combines a foundation with anti ageing skin care technology.

Product description

"A complexion enhanced by a high-precision foundation. Skin beautified by an anti-ageing skincare formula.

A rich, satin-smooth, sensorial foundation for sheer, even skin.
A formula rich in anti-ageing active ingredients, to reinforce the benefits of your anti-ageing skincare all day long.
A silky-glide cream-gel texture. Non oily, non comedogenic.

A 2-in-1 formula for high performance results

Immediate make-up effect: a flawless complexion
  • Skin is instantly smoothed
  • Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is visibly reduced
  • Skin texture is refined and blemishes erased
  • The complexion is fresh, luminous and even

Day after day: Anti-ageing skincare action
  • Skin is soft, supple and comfortable.
  • Features are relaxed and smoothed.
  • Signs of ageing and fatigue are reduced in appearance.
  • Skin is luminous and radiates youthfulness.

Active ingredients:
  • Oat Extract: 3D Tensor Effect - Instantly smoothes skin surface
  • Extract of Alkekengi Calyx: Stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Einkorn Wheat Extract: Anti-glycation action
  • Willow Leaf Extract: Protects elastin fibres
  • Tourmaline Microcrystals: Stimulate the microcirculation to revive the complexion’s radiance.
  • Vitamin A Palmitate: Regulates epidermal peeling for improved radiance
  • Extract of Rhodochrosite: Anti-free radical
  • Extract of Cherry blossom: Moisturising
  • New ultra-pure coated pigments: Perfect skin affinity, enhanced colour, optimal adherence, and lasting hold.
  • Soft-focus Microspheres: Blurring effect: wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes are optically faded
  • Silicone Gum: Sensorial texture: soft, velvety, melting touch, and extremely easy application
A complete range of 9 shades offering a flawless match for all skin tones

For more information visit".


Comes in a beautiful plastic gold and white jar (similar to that of Sisleÿa Global Anti-Ageing Cream only smaller in size) that would look good on any dressing table (see picture).

Application and texture

Skinleÿa can be easy to apply depending on the condition of your skin. Obviously as with any foundation if you don't have a good base on to work with, it could affect the performance of the foundation. I have been using the Vaishaly Day Moisturiser SPF15 my favourite day cream which provides the perfect base.

I've found the best way to apply the foundation is with the little brush it comes with. Spending time applying in a magnified mirror to ensure it's blended in especially in the beard area for me. I Apply Skinleÿa with smoothing strokes using the foundation brush, starting in the middle and blending outwards towards the hairline, ears and neck.

The texture is very light and it feels hydrating upon application. It has a silky smooth texture. If you feel it does not provide enough coverage then apply some more as Skinleÿa is buildable. As you can see in the picture below the colour may look a bit dark but blends in perfectly once blended in. It covers up redness very well and it makes my skin feel dewy to the touch.

Ingredients list

Water/Eau (Aqua), cyclopentasiloxane, caprylyl methicone, dimethicone, isodecyl neopentanoate, glycerin, lauryl peg-8 dimethicone, methyl methacrylate crosspolymer, dicaprylyl carbonate, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, dimethicone crosspolymer, tourmaline, panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, bisabolol, oat kernel extract, physalis alkekengi calyx extract, prunus serrulata extract, retinyl palmitate, adenosine, salix alba leaf extract, wheat seed extract, rhodochrosite extract, dimethiconol, isostearyl sebacate, stearalkonium hectorite, mica, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crossploymer, pentylene glycol, butylene glycol, silica, ethyhexylglycerin, polysorbate 60, sortbitan isosterate, tetrasodium edta, propylene carbonate, citric acid, disodium stearoyl glutamate, caprylic/capric tryglyceride, aluminum hydroxide, sodium citrate, fragrance, phenoxyethanol, methylisothiazoulmone, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, tocopherol, may contain [+/- titanium dioxide (ci77891), iron oxides (ci77492, ci77499).]

Shelf Life

12 months once opened

Results and review

When Skinleÿa launched in around September 2011 I tried a sample of it, I didn't think much of it as it was in the wrong shade. A few months back I had a Sisley craving and got 6 samples of Skinleÿa and I loved it! I am so thankful that Sisley are so generous when it comes to samples otherwise I would have not discovered just how superb this foundation is second time round. I was very fortunate to have Skinleÿa for Christmas this year and now I have the full size I can apply with the provided brush it makes it even better.

OK so you may be wondering why as a guy I like to use foundation? Pure vanity I suppose. Being dark haired doesn't help, as I have to shave every single day, twice if I'm going out in the evening. Daily shaving has left me with irritated and red skin. I have tried shaving only at night so the redness goes by morning but unfortunately by the time I get up the hairs have already grown back. Shaving in the morning before work is the only way to keep it under control. But straight after shaving my skin goes red and therefore that's why I like to hide the redness with a bit of foundation.

Over the years I've tried many foundations and tinted moisturisers many of which have been both natural and chemical. Most recently I purchased an oil based natural foundation that I heard many natural bloggers raving about. It is just awful, it makes my skin so oily and my face looks greasy all day long which is not good for guys when its best their skin looks matt.  To date apart from the Omorovicza BB cream I haven't particularly liked any natural foundations. For some reason the performance of natural liquid, loose and pressed powdered foundations just do not live up to the performance of chemical foundations. I suppose it's something to do with silicone that provides a smooth finish. I have nothing against silicone and have no problems using it during the day time due to the lovely smooth finished results it provides.

Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat is a foundation that I've purchased many times. This is the best performance foundation I've ever tried and used. But I'm so glad Sisley created Skinleÿa as it's far more advanced and now that I'm getting older I feel that my skin needs all the anti ageing ingredients it can get.

One piece of advice I must point out is take your time in applying the product. Once you learn how to apply it to suit you and get the right colour match you will love the radiance this provides. If you are interested in trying this product go to your local Sisley counter and have a consultation. See if you get some samples to play with and most importantly make sure you get the correct colour match. Colour can make or break a foundation. I am Colour 20 - Soft Rose which is a colour for a Light to Medium complexion with a pink undertone.

When I first tried Skinleÿa I found that was a little difficult to apply. I've learnt that if you take your time to gently apply it and blend it in well with light and short strokes using the provided brush the results are amazing!

OK so perhaps this foundation isn't natural but it still contains some good ingredients such as extract of Alkekengi Calyx a plant extract exclusive to Sisley, which forms a shield around cellular DNA protecting it from mutations which can lead to skin ageing and melanomas (Source). Alkekengi Calyx extract also contains phytochemicals that combat free radicals, which highly contribute to the ageing process (Source). Extract of Alkekengi Calyx protects skin against free radicals that form as a result of chemically induced stress (pollution, tobacco) or UV radiation. (Source).
It also contains ingredients that add radiance to the skin such as Tourmaline microcrystals which stimulate the microcirculation. According to Sisley the Oat extract has a 3D tensor effect. The Oat extract has a high molecular weight which comprises a network of complex sugars that binds strongly and lastingly to the skin’s surface, creating a continuous, elastic and flexible film. Its three dimensional configuration adjusts perfectly to the skin’s surface texture for an instant smoothing effect (Source).
Skinleÿa also contains Willow Leaf extract which has anti elastase activity and Einkorn wheat which has anti glycation activity. The silicones and silicone gum that Skinleÿa contains gives it that gorgeous silky texture. Another bonus is that it is also alcohol and Paraben free and contains no skin irritants that I know of.

Please see 'Product Description' for more details of the product's active ingredients.

Skinleÿa provides a beautiful light coverage which is sheer. Being a guy I do not want to be using something that is heavy and provides heavy coverage as 1) it won't look natural and 2) I don't want people to know that I am wearing foundation. With this product if blended in well with the perfect colour match it does not look like I have anything on. When wearing Skinleÿa my skin looks rested, perfectly natural, flawless and gives it luminosity, exactly the result I'm after. This foundation is non greasy and easily absorbs. You only require a very small amount to cover your entire face and neck area. I do sometimes use it on my forehead, nose area and cheeks occasionally to make my skin look more even toned. Skinleÿa also provides long lasting wear around 8 hours plus.
Although this foundation is expensive I love the luxury of having it in my routine. Sisley swears that there’s as much anti ageing skincare technology in this foundation as in their best serum (Source) so after years of searching I think I've finally found my Holy Grail foundation.

Have you tried Skinleÿa or any Sisley products? Let me know your thoughts below.


£113 / $190 for 30ml


-Anti ageing ingredients
-Comes with its own little brush
-Gorgeous packaging
-Luxurious texture and feel
-Leaves skin looking rested and radiant
-Provides light coverage which is buildable
-Paraben and alcohol free


-Price may not suit everyones budget


Please visit to find your local Sisley counter


  1. This sounds really nice but the price puts me off. There's no way I would buy it. Not when I could get the same effect with a £20 BB cream :(

  2. Thanks so much for such a detailed and comprehensive review - ultimately as with everything it is horses for courses, at the moment I am struggling with that fine line of applying enough to improve but not so much that I look like a dried out old hag and as one gets older that fine line becomes as gossamer.

  3. This is such a good review Danny. Perhaps too good, as I am now seriously considering a £113 foundation! I would not usually consider a make up product which was so expensive, but the ingredients in this really do make it skin care. Sisley skincare is always an investment, but never disappoints; and so although this may seem pricey for those looking to just cover up, for anyone who is concerned about preserving and improving their skin health, this could be a really worthwhile investment. I am going to see if I can get a sample next time I am in selfridges. :)

    Jess x

    1. Hi Jess,

      Thank you so much for your response and taking the time in reading my review. I've seen a few negative reviews for this foundation and I think the reason is that it can be difficult to apply. I've learnt it depends on what you have on underneath that affects the foundations application. I've found the best product to apply underneath is Vaishaly's Day Moisturiser SPF15 which provides the perfect base and you get the sun protection from the zinc oxide from it as well. You need to take your time in applying this foundation to get flawless and glowing results.
      Yes I'd try a sample and see how you get on. The lady in House Of Fraser was lovely and very helpful. I think it's best applied with a foundation brush than fingers.

      Danny Xx


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