Monday, 30 December 2013

HGB's favourite product of 2013

HGB's product of the year 2013
Well 2013 is over and it got me thinking what is my favourite product of the year, what's the one product I can't live without? It's a tough one and after long consideration I've come to the conclusion it's Bodhi's Desert Rose.

You can read about my discovery of Desert Rose here back in February 2013.

If you know me well you will know Rose is my ultimate favourite. At the recent Samsara Christmas bloggers event I learnt the difference between a Rose Absolute and a Rose Otto. Rose Otto is far more superior to a Rose Absolute. You may be interested to know that Desert Rose contains over 500 roses in every 15ml bottle. Another reason to love this face oil!

The Desert Rose Face Oil and the Vaishaly Anti Ageing Night Cream have both been my staples this year and both work in complete harmony together. The Vaishaly Night cream pushes Desert Rose deeper into the dermis. The oils from Desert Rose also take the peptides and actives from the Vaishaly Night Cream into the deep layers of the dermis.

For anti ageing fans you might be interested to know that Rose Oil contains over 300 compounds which is so complex that scientists are unable to replicate them in a lab. Some of the main active constituents are quercetins - a flavonoid that have powerful anti oxidants and anti inflammatory properties. Rose contains Anthocyanins pigments which are also present in rose oil helping to protect skin cells and strengthen the capillaries in the skin. Anthocyanins also help to protect skin cells from sun damage.

Desert Rose has an jaw dropping exquisite fragrance of an intense Rose and also honey dew. It's fantastic and truly has a wow factor. It has an exceptionally long lasting fragrance that will relax the senses and calm the mind.

Face Oils are fast becoming one of my favourite products as I find them to be way more effective than using a moisturiser alone. I predict in 2014 that Face Oils will become even bigger. Do yourself a favour and try Desert Rose if you haven't already, you never know it might just be the one! 

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014!


  1. wow, I'm on a sample of the Bodhi Face Oil and it is a delight!

  2. This sounds absolutely lovely! I'm definitely going to be trying a few Bodhi products this year :) x


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