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Bathing Beauty Anoint Facial Oil for Wise Skin review

Picture courtesy of Bathing Beauty
Background info

Bathing Beauty is a natural skincare brand created by former model George Jones. George now lives in Wales and hand makes her own line of skincare and body products. Bathing Beauty contains lots of cold pressed oils and many of the products are raw. Many of the ingredients that George uses in Bathing Beauty are organic and wild crafted.

In terms of anti ageing Bathing Beauty is not as advanced as I'm used to but I am pleasantly surprised on just how pure and simple Bathing Beauty is. It is lovely to give the skin a nice rest from all these anti ageing actives and go back to basics especially during a detox. Bathing Beauty is SO ultimately pure and the line is comprised of some very beautiful products.

I can't believe just how good value for money everything is. If you are on a budget and looking for pure natural luxury then seriously look no further than Bathing Beauty. Just do not underestimate the products like I did, just because a product does not contain tons of ingredients doesn't mean it will not work, it could be that the ingredients it contains are super potent and more effective.

I am incredibly impressed with Bathing Beauty as they are unbelievably pure and the brand uses no cheap fillers, cheap oils, preservatives, stabilisers or emulsifiers and doesn't even use natural preservatives, in fact. The result is an incredibly fresh, pure and natural brand resulting in beautiful skin.

As George hand makes the products herself, it feels like the products have been made especially for you, giving a personal touch.

This review is for the gorgeous Anoint Facial Oil for Wise Skin - the brand's anti ageing facial oil.

Product description

Rejuvenating Rose Absolute and Frankincense Facial Oil.

Cold pressed and raw blended, beautifully presented in a recyclable amber glass botttle, with precision dispensing pipette.

This oil supports Better Aging, with it’s prescriptive blend of Vitamin rich organic, Avocado, Borage and Olive Squalene oils.

100% natural, perservative free. Vegan


Please note that the packaging has recently changed for the product and it now comes in a dark brown glass dropper as can be seen in the picture above.


Bathing Beauty advises to apply 6-8 drops to the face once or twice a day and to gently press into the face, neck and under eye area.

Most recently I have been loving facial oils and used this at night.

Ingredients list

Olea Europaea, Heliathus Annus, Borago Officinalis, Persea Gratissima, Carteri Boswellia (frankincense oil), Rosa Centofolia, Tocopherol, *cinnamal,*eugenol, *linalool, *citronellol, *farnesol. * naturally occuring in essential oils
  • 100% natural.
  • Made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients.
  • Vegan
  • Free from water, preservatives and chemical additives.
  • Not Tested on Animals.
Shelf Life

12 months once opened.

Results and review

This Bathing Beauty face oil is considered to be the brand's anti ageing face oil. It is incredibly pure and it has the most exquisite rosy fragrance. The main note of the essential oils is the gorgeous rose absolute - Rosa Centifolia commonly known as the 'Cabbage' or 'Provence' rose. This is incredibly beautiful and after around half an hour of application the base note of Frankincense comes through. I really do find this face oil highly relaxing making it perfect for evening use.

Being a facial oil this is super concentrated and you only need a very small amount to moisture the skin. For those who are interested this oil is raw blended as the carrier oils are cold pressed. It is a beautiful golden colour (as seen below) and sinks into the skin easily.

Original packaging 
This facial oil contains only seven but wonderful ingredients: The carrier oils of nourishing and repairing Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Borage oil and Avocado oil. The essential oils of Rose Absolute and Frankincense. And finally the super powerful and protective Vitamin E.

Olive Oil is an emollient oil which is is very beneficial for dry skin types because of its essential fatty acids content, namely squalene. Olive oil has many antioxidant benefits for the skin and has an anti inflammatory action when applied topically.

Sunflower oil is also an emollient oil. Sunflower oil helps repair the skin's barrier, reduces inflammation and absorbs into the skin quickly.

Borage Oil is a rich source of the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acids. Gamma linolenic acids help to produce healthy skin cells and acts as an anti inflammatory.

Avocado oil is a super vitamin rich oil which is high in antioxidants. Avocado helps to relieve dry skin and is super soothing and also repairing.

Rose Absolute and Frankincense essential oil infuse the skin with a beautiful scent as well as serving the skin with their therapeutic benefits.

The facial oil is stabilised with Vitamin E which helps to nourish and protect the skin from free radical damage.

I've really enjoyed using this gorgeous nourishing facial oil. It feels very pure and is ultra effective at getting rid of redness and irritation. My skin always feels plumped and incredibly moisturised. Whether you buy this for yourself or as a gift the lucky person using it I'm sure will love it and appreciate its purity. Once again truly impressed with this beauty from Bathing Beauty. 4/5 from me!

HGB Green Leaf Rating

 4/5 Great!


-£25 for 25ml


-100% natural
-Contains organic and wildcrafted ingredients
-Highly effective
-Suitable for vegans
-Beautiful floral rosy fragrance
-Very good value for money


-Not widely available


Please visit the brand's online store


  1. This looks great, thanks for sharing. I always love trying out new oils.x

  2. Hi Tehmina,

    Thank you for reading. If you love trying new oils then I think you will love this, it's superb value for money and great if you love rosy scented products xx

  3. I've never tested this brand before, but it sounds amazing. I love testing out new facial oils as well. I love that it's rose scented as well.

  4. what a lovely blend of oils this contains! I love rose and borage oil, it's fantastic for the skin as well as the other ingredients. Thanks so much for sharing xx


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