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Bathing Beauty Mount Olympus sea salt body scrub review

Background info

Bathing Beauty is a natural skincare brand created by former model George Jones. George now lives in Wales and hand makes her own line of skincare and body products. Bathing Beauty contains lots of cold pressed oils and many of the products are raw. Many of the ingredients that George uses in Bathing Beauty are organic and wild crafted.

In terms of anti ageing Bathing Beauty is not as advanced as I'm used to but I am pleasantly surprised on just how pure and simple Bathing Beauty is. It is lovely to give the skin a nice rest from all these anti ageing actives and go back to basics especially during a detox. Bathing Beauty is SO ultimately pure and the line is comprised of some very beautiful products.

I can't believe just how good value for money everything is. If you are on a budget and looking for pure natural luxury then seriously look no further than Bathing Beauty. Just do not underestimate the products like I did, just because a product does not contain tons of ingredients doesn't mean it will not work, it could be that the ingredients it contains are super potent and more effective.

I am incredibly impressed with Bathing Beauty as they are unbelievably pure and the brand uses no cheap fillers, cheap oils, preservatives, stabilisers or emulsifiers and doesn't even use natural preservatives, in fact. The result is an incredibly fresh, pure and natural brand resulting in beautiful skin.

As George hand makes the products herself, it feels like the products have been made especially for you, giving a personal touch.

This review is for the amazing and award winning Mount Olympus sea salt body scrub.

Product description

Mount Olympus Award winning Sea Salt body scrub with fresh lemon and organically grown rosemary. Revitalising and uplifting. A zesty blend of fresh lemons, and organically grown rosemary, ground with sea salt and drenched in a vitamin packed blend of Grapeseed and Olive oils. Naturally scented with Lemon and Rosemary essential oils.

Award winning sea salt body scrub, with fresh lemon zest and organically grown rosemary.

Runner up in The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2014.

Exfoliating and intensively nourishing, there is no better way to give lack lustre skin the brush off and get glowing for summer.


Beautifully presented in a recyclable glass jar with a black lid.


The instructions advise to the whisk gently over dry skin then rinse but I prefer to massage into damp skin as the salt particles dissolve resulting in a milder form of exfoliation. The oils in the scrub seem to glider better over the skin when it is damp.

Ingredients list

100% natural.
Made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

Shelf Life

12 months once opened.

Results and review

Let me start by telling you this award winning body scrub is perfect for those trying to achieve a gorgeously smooth summer body. I regularly get my arms waxed and this is perfect for preventing ingrown hairs and it's ultra moisturising formula with grape seed and olive oils helps to moisturise the skin as it buffs. This doubles up as a relaxing bath soak too. The sea salts contain many minerals which help to nourish the skin even further.

This body scrub has a highly refreshing and uplifting scent of zesty lemon and organically homegrown rosemary.

If you use it as I do then as you massage into damp skin the salt dissolves and the oils moisturise the skin. The scent leaves the skin smelling beautiful and perfectly moisturised, there is no need to follow with a body moisturiser/oil. The scrub has a gorgeous smooth yet grainy texture.

At 400grams for under £20 this an absolute bargain as it will last you months and months. I've been using this scrub since January and I have loads left.

I honestly cannot fault this beautifully pure body scrub, it could not be better. The price is right, it's pure, natural, organic, handmade, has a gorgeous zesty scent and the smooth results it gives your skin it's no wonder this body scrub is loved by many. 5/5 from me!

HGB Green Leaf Rating

 5/5 Perfect!


-£19.95 for 400g


-100% natural
-Contains organic and wildcrafted ingredients
-Highly effective
-Suitable for vegans
-Beautiful uplifting scent
-Extremely good value for money


-Not widely available


Please visit the brand's online store


  1. This looks lovely, I tried the sugar scrub and loved it. You should try the Amorose body balm lovely, great for elbows and knees and has a beautiful rose geranium scent! :) Xx

    1. Hi Ana, Thank you for reading. Everything from Bathing Beauty just sounds so delightful. I love finding little brands like this, it just shows you what's out there.


  2. I'm a massive fan of Blanket, I love George's products its a wonderful skincare range :-)

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thank you reading. I agree it is a wonderful free from skincare range and very reasonably priced too. I look forward to purchasing some of George's other products x


  3. Lovely review Danni x I fell in love with George's range and that's one of the reasons why I decided to stock her products on Sophia's Choice. I love the "back to basics" ethic and she proves that you don't always need high amounts of ingredients to get a brilliant result. My cupboards smell amazing with all the products I have in them ;) xx

    1. Awww thank you Charlie, that's lovely of you to say. You're absolutely correct you don't always need a high amount of ingredients to get brilliant results. Definitely one of the best simple yet effective brands I've come across of late xx

  4. Great review, I have tried this scrub and it is divine. Simple ingredients and a sensational scent. x


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